50 Things to Do in Switzerland

Switzerland offers a wide range of activities and attractions. Here are 50 things to do in Switzerland:

  1. Explore Zurich: Discover the largest city in Switzerland, known for its vibrant culture and beautiful lakeside setting.
  2. Visit Geneva: Explore this cosmopolitan city, home to international organizations, museums, and the iconic Jet d’Eau fountain.
  3. Hike in the Swiss Alps: Enjoy breathtaking views while hiking the numerous trails in the Swiss Alps.
  4. Ski in Zermatt: Experience world-class skiing and snowboarding in the shadow of the iconic Matterhorn.
  5. Take a scenic train ride: Enjoy the stunning landscapes of Switzerland on famous train routes like the Glacier Express or the Bernina Express.
  6. Cruise on Lake Lucerne: Relax on a boat cruise while taking in the picturesque surroundings of Lake Lucerne.
  7. Visit the Rhine Falls: Witness the largest waterfall in Europe, located near the town of Schaffhausen.
  8. Explore Interlaken: Nestled between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, Interlaken is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts.
  9. Tour the Swiss National Park: Discover Switzerland’s only national park, showcasing pristine Alpine landscapes and wildlife.
  10. Visit the Matterhorn Museum: Learn about the history and legends surrounding the iconic Matterhorn mountain.
  11. Relax in the Thermal Baths of Vals: Unwind in the natural thermal baths of Vals, known for their modern architecture.
  12. Stroll around Montreux: Enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake Geneva while exploring the charming town of Montreux.
  13. Explore Bern: Discover the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Bern, with its medieval architecture and Zytglogge clock tower.
  14. Ride the Jungfraujoch Railway: Experience the highest railway station in Europe and enjoy panoramic views of the Alps.
  15. Take a boat trip on Lake Geneva: Cruise on Lake Geneva, passing by vineyards, charming villages, and the Alps.
  16. Savor Swiss Chocolate: Indulge in the world-famous Swiss chocolate with a visit to a local chocolatier.
  17. Discover Basel’s Art Scene: Explore the vibrant cultural scene in Basel, home to numerous museums and galleries.
  18. Visit the Swiss Transport Museum: Learn about the history of transportation in Switzerland through interactive exhibits.
  19. Paraglide in Lauterbrunnen: Soar above the stunning Lauterbrunnen Valley for a thrilling paragliding experience.
  20. Take a boat to Rhine Island: Explore the medieval Rhine Island, home to the historic Rheinfels Castle.
  21. Hike the Eiger Trail: Enjoy a scenic hike with views of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains.
  22. Visit Aletsch Glacier: Marvel at the largest glacier in the Alps, located in the UNESCO-listed Jungfrau-Aletsch region.
  23. Explore Lucerne’s Old Town: Wander through the charming streets of Lucerne’s Old Town and visit the Chapel Bridge.
  24. Take a scenic drive through Furka Pass: Experience stunning mountain landscapes on this picturesque mountain pass.
  25. See the Swiss National Museum: Discover Swiss cultural history through exhibits in Zurich’s National Museum.
  26. Visit the Olympic Museum in Lausanne: Explore the history of the Olympic Games and sports at this interactive museum.
  27. Go tobogganing in Grindelwald: Have fun sliding down the toboggan runs in the beautiful Grindelwald region.
  28. Climb the Pilatus Mountain: Conquer Mount Pilatus for breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and lakes.
  29. Take a boat to Uetliberg: Enjoy a boat trip to Uetliberg and hike to the summit for panoramic views of Zurich.
  30. Attend the Locarno Film Festival: Experience one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, held in the picturesque town of Locarno.
  31. Discover the Lauterbrunnen Valley: Explore the stunning Lauterbrunnen Valley with its 72 waterfalls and picturesque villages.
  32. Visit the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne: Learn about the evolution of transportation in Switzerland through a variety of exhibits.
  33. Explore the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site: Discover the beauty of the Alps in this UNESCO-listed region.
  34. Take a boat trip on Lake Zurich: Enjoy a relaxing boat ride on Lake Zurich with beautiful views of the city.
  35. Visit the Swiss Science Center Technorama: Engage in interactive exhibits and experiments at this family-friendly science center in Winterthur.
  36. Explore the Old Town of Thun: Wander through the charming streets of Thun’s Old Town with its medieval architecture.
  37. Go wine tasting in Lavaux: Experience the scenic vineyards of Lavaux, overlooking Lake Geneva, and indulge in wine tasting.
  38. Take a scenic cable car ride to Titlis: Enjoy panoramic views on your way to Mount Titlis, one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps.
  39. Visit the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in Geneva: Learn about the humanitarian efforts of these organizations.
  40. Explore the Vallee de Joux: Discover the beautiful Jura region and the stunning Lac de Joux in the Vallee de Joux.
  41. Take a boat ride on Lake Lugano: Enjoy the Mediterranean flair of Lugano while cruising on Lake Lugano.
  42. Visit the Swiss Alpine Museum in Bern: Learn about the culture, traditions, and history of the Swiss Alps.
  43. Explore the Aare Gorge: Walk through the narrow gorge carved by the Aare River near Meiringen.
  44. Attend the Montreux Jazz Festival: Experience one of the world’s most famous jazz festivals held on the shores of Lake Geneva.
  45. Visit the Tinguely Museum in Basel: Explore the fascinating world of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely through his kinetic art.
  46. Go dog sledding in the Engadin Valley: Experience the thrill of dog sledding in the beautiful Engadin Valley.
  47. Take a scenic boat ride on Lake Thun: Enjoy the picturesque landscapes surrounding Lake Thun from the comfort of a boat.
  48. Explore the Lötschental Valley: Discover the traditional Swiss villages and stunning landscapes of Lötschental.
  49. Visit the Swiss Watch Museum in Geneva: Explore the history and craftsmanship of Swiss watches.
  50. Relax in the Lake Geneva hot springs: Unwind in the thermal hot springs on the shores of Lake Geneva in Lavey-les-Bains.

These activities offer a diverse range of experiences, allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty, cultural richness, and adventure that Switzerland has to offer.

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